Jul 25, 2011

Day 16: Do you create best when your emotions are high? Do you turn to creative endeavors when you are sad, angry, or just filled with joy?

I find that generally I'm often more creative when I'm feeling happy as I tend to get more self-deprecating and less sure of my abilities to create things when I'm feeling sad or angry.

However I think that even in happier times, we're using our creativity to work through those sadnesses and examine our own shortcomings and failures. Even if we feel happy in the moment, all things, good and bad, have contributed to that, and all of those emotions allow us to create and will end up coming to the surface at some point in the creative process.

I think for me, perhaps turning to creative pursuits while I'm upset or sad may be more of an effective way of dealing with some of the emotions at hand in a more constructive way. Something to think about for sure!


♥ Craftzilla


  1. When I'm angry, everything goes wrong. I can't create a single thing without thinking it sucks. So I always try to maintain a happy positive attitude when I need to get down to business. I used to write a lot better when I was angry or sad, but I'll attribute that to teenage angst and say I just grew up. ;]

  2. @Ashley Yeah I was discussing that with a friend after writing this --the angsty writing and teen drama poetry sure flows easily when upset, and I hadn't even thought of that when writing this post :P

    Definitely easier to create actual crafty things when you have the positive attitude going on!


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