Jun 15, 2011

Vintage Apron Love--What I'd Make -Part 1

I was poking around in a bin of half finished crafts last night, and look at the lovely-ness that I found! My mom gave me these aprons last year--they had been make-shift curtains in the basement of their new house. I find them much more beatuiful and functional as fancy aprons. The desire to cook some tasty things (and pose for 50's style apron pictures) is high! So taking the aprons into account, here's what I'd cook while wearing each of them!



I love the stipes and the flowers/hearts on this one! It's super bright and sunny and is cheering me up just looking at it. For some reason, this one makes me think of the tasty goodness of coconut cookies. I know, I know --coconut cookies seems like a super weird thing, but they are seriously amazing and fabulous!

 This is very similar to the recipe I usually use --it's not a strong taste of coconut, but a light tasting, coconut-esque kind of cookie that's fairly light and flavourful. Check out the recipe here.



I love paisley generally, and this one is reminiscent of winters and warmth and cuddling up with your mom when you're sick for some reason, and thus makes me want to drink a lot of hot chocolate :

The recipe sounds great--I think there needs to be a few cold evenings again so I can whip myself up a batch!
Recipe from the Joy of Baking is available here --Hot Chocolate Recipe

Stay Tuned for Part two! I have two more fabulous aprons and recipes to go with them to share next week!

♥ Craftzilla


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