Jun 1, 2011

I'm getting a studio space today ! Crafty Studio Inspiration

Since I don't think I've mentioned it on here, my fabulous announcement of the week is that I will soon be moving into my very own crafty studio! [getting keys this afternoon!] My current apartment lacks space to do a lot of crafting easily, and since I've been working on a bunch of projects of late, I'd been trying to figure out how to gain some more space to get things done, when a lucky ad in the coffee shop caught my eye for a shared studio space for super cheap, right around the corner from my apartment.

So I'll be getting the keys in a day or so, and will be ready to start setting up my space (and show some pictures of the actual space, since I neglected to bring my camera when I first saw it). So I thought I'd show a few ideas and inspiration of what I would like my space to be like.

To start off with, I picked up this great table off Kijiji on Friday:

It needs a bit of paint perhaps, but is a big and sturdy table. The leaves (shown behind the table in the picture) are more what make it a good sized table for cutting things out on and putting my sewing machine on. The way they attach to the table is pretty neat --at the front and back of the table in the middle, there is a piece of wood that slides out to support the middle, and then the leaves attach to the table using some hinges. Sorta cool.

I'm also going to re-purpose a vintage sewing machine table I already have to hold my serger, as well as an extra kitchen chair to sit on, until I find something more comfortable, and likely with wheels in order to go back and forth between the two tables.

Aside from that, I've been searching around for some ideas on Pinterest for the studio space, largely for fabric storage, as well as storage for notions and decorations to make it a pretty and functional space. Here are some of the highlights of my ideas so far.

Fabric storage and threads and knitting needles, oh my!

I love these kinds of sewing baskets...making a trip soon to a flea market or something where I can get one.

This is super pretty! Plus, good thread storage -yay multi-functionality

I'm sorta loving fabric storage in a dresser--seems easy to organize, easy to reach and your don't have to deal with tottering stacks of fabric.

This is a nice, calm space

 I always need books, magazines and patterns around for inspiration--and this would be a great way to hold them!

Let's face it, my workspace will likely be a bit messy. This is what I call "artsy messy"

There is something lovely about buttons in jars!

My ironing board needs a new cover --this is a great tutorial

I like how everything is in easy reach

To check out my entire Studio Inspiration Board on Pinterest, click here 

I'll post some pictures of the actual studio space tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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