May 31, 2011

Giveaway love ---It's nice being a winner sometimes :)

Clearly publicizing giveaways by other crafters in a previous post paid off, as I won the giveaway from Punk Rawk Purl and Restless Hearts Crafts-here's the lovely brooch I won:

Golden Brooch w/ Perfectly Peach Pearl Center-  2.5" diameter (source:
I 'm currently brainstorming a few ways to show off this beauty when it arrives on Pinterest and thought I'd share.

Brooches always look nice on scarves!
Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

Pinned onto a coat is pretty classic
Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

Pinned onto a hat like this perhaps
Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

On a fancy shrug ?

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

I do really like this hat, should I ever have to attend any Royal weddings/functions (hey, it could happen...)

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

Pinned onto a headband also looks divine

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

However, since most of my thoughts involve winter clothes and is is super hot out, likely I will settle for something like this for now-pinned onto a sweet cardigan, and paired with a pretty dress!

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  1. now that my internet is working I can actually comment on your post!
    great post! looking forward to seeing your spin on the prize!

  2. @PuNk rAwK pUrL

    Glad you got the internets working again--I hate when it goes down myself! *not addicted at all*

    Happy you enjoyed the post--clearly I will have to do one with me as model later :P


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