Jan 31, 2014

January Cure: Plants, Floors, Mindfulness and Getting Rid of the Excess

I've been working my way through the January Cure still, but I got behind on my posts. Here's a quick update that will hopefully help keep me motivated!

Assignment 2:  Flowers and Floors 

I'm not much of a flower person for allergy related reasons, I decided along with another friend participating in the Cure that we'd visit a local flower store, Living Fresh, with the aim in mind of picking up a new air plant or two for hanging glass globe I already own (yes, I killed a previous air plant, I am skilled like that) Unfortunately, we had such a good time chatting that we got there after the store closed. So let's just pretend I got a new air plant for my glass globe already and I'll make it there soon. The photo above is my original air plant before it's untimely demise.

Floors: I had trouble with this being right at the beginning of the Cure. I think my house just wasn't tidy enough for this chore--too many things on the ground! I got through one floor worth of carpets and floors, so better than nothing though. Now that we're living in an a place with more than one floor, it's a constant struggle to keep the floors clean and tidy!

Assignment 3: 10 mindful minutes

I spent my 10 mindful minutes sitting in the desk chair in my office. I haven't sat there much since we've lived here, since my office is the last space that needs to get organized and unpacked to be a usable space. I had a lot of thoughts about how I can cross some of the problem areas of this room off my list, but they will all take time to accomplish, as my fabric and craft items are overflowing the space. I also have to put up a huge Ikea Expedit shelf that at friend gave me, which might require moving all the things out of the room to have enough space to put it together.

Assignment 4: Set up an Outbox

I usually always have an outbox on the go in some form to get rid of extra things, but I fell out of the habit since we've moved. Having any kind of reason to set up a box and get rid of things is totally motivating. The outbox is getting good use already - I definitely still have lots of excess items to purge!

More from my January (probably leading into February) Cure coming soon, including photos of my secret house messes to shame me publicly and motivate me to clean ' em up!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. or yet another visit from MOMRAH!!!!

    1. Yes Dad, the ever feared visit from Mom is definitely good motivation to get the apartment all tidy and clean!

  2. Setting up an outbox- what a simple and good idea! I think I need to do this! ps. Hi Gillian!

    1. Yup it's always been helpful for me! Let me know if it helps you get rid of lots of things! And hi Liesi! Nice to hear from you!!


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