Jan 5, 2014

January Cure: Creating a Project List

As a participant in the January Cure last year, I think that the most daunting part of the challenge has to be this first assignment. The act of going through all the rooms in your house and listing out the bigger projects and trouble spots can be a bit scary to do, especially if all the projects have piled up in the last year. I don't feel AS badly as I might have in years past though, since we did move apartments since the last time I did this challenge, and with new apartments often comes new stuff and new organizing issues and trouble spots.

However, here's hoping that this challenge can help kick start a more organized space in my apartment, especially now that I'm done school and have a  bit more time to spare for tidying and just being in my space. I am getting tired of the visual clutter and the lack of work space that we currently have, which is silly since this apartment must be twice the size of our old place.

Without further ado, here's my list!

Assignment: Create a Project List

-Purge and organize closet
- Move bed and dresser/side table. (The current set up involves me having to leap out the bottom of the bed each morning and is not working)
-Conquer excess of laundry mountain
-Put up curtains

Declutter and organize under sink
Continue to organize linen cupboard
Replace temporary labels for containers with permanent ones

Need some shoe storage
Declutter coat rack
Put away everything on the stairs
Need a landing area for keys, mittens etc.

My Office
Put together shelf
Organize bookshelf
Put all the things stacked everywhere on the floor onto new shelf or in closet
Put up pictures/crafty projects

Organize cupboards and drawers
Declutter surfaces
Organize shelves and items in pantry cupboard
Remove one shelf from metal rack in the pantry

Storage Room 
Build second metal shelf for storage (once 1 shelf is removed from pantry shelf)
Purge Purge Purge. This room is where all the random bits go

Living/Dining Room
Purge all the newspapers stacked everywhere
Organize Bookshelf
Put up curtains
Declutter all surfaces

Zen's office
Buy a few bins for storage
Declutter newspapers (they're everywhere!)
Hang curtains or a blind
Move ottoman in living room

Phew! That's quite a list! Wish me luck!

What are the problem spots in your space that you're planning on getting organized this year?

♥ Craftzilla


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