Jul 27, 2013

On Disappearing, and Being Found: An Update

I tend to disappear from this space a lot when stressed and busy. I hate when I do that, because I do really like having a record of my thoughts from week to week, the things I was doing and to be at least a little bit aware of creating some neat content for people who read this blog (and to get myself thinking of new ideas and crafts). I guess it's almost a case of disappearing when I'm feeling uninspired or too busy to be inspired or share what's going on with me, even though this blog is definitely a good outlet for working through a lot of that stuff by putting my successes and troubles into words. 

However, such is often life...the end of the school semester in June, packing to move and actually moving on July 1st was sort of a big thing. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you also might have caught some of my whining about having not internet until last week (3.WEEKS...did not think I was going to make it!). And now that we've moved to another city (Guelph to Kitchener, for you Ontarians who might know what I'm talking about), I have a reverse commuting problem to get to work, which is seeing me wake up at unholy hours of the morning three times a week to get to work. But hey, I'm finally starting to adjust, so of course I should get back to blogging too!

So here are a few glimpses from the last month or so to catch up up a bit on what I've been up to.

This is the view from the balcony of our new apartment, which is great so far. It's right across the street from a park for the pup, is two levels of space, has two balconies and both Zen and I get our own offices. And look at the awesome view of clouds and the city we have-- I am loving just sitting on the couch and looking out the window.

Walks in the park are lovely and relaxing.

We got a new sectional couch, which I've been wanting forever --it's so comfy and cozy to cuddle up and watch a movie now. Here's the couch when it first got delivered --Zen was having fun with just the boxes --maybe we didn't need a couch at all!

We've also been trying to get to the market near us most Saturdays to get some delicious foods and veggies. There are awesome deals here, and the market is open until around 3pm, so we're actually able to wake up and get there most weekends. These donuts are not the healthiest thing we got at the market last week, but they sure were the tastiest!

Other than that, we've mostly been trying to get a bit unpacked and organized, which seems to be taking forever. But, realistically, work and school stuff has been crazy for both of us, there was a loooong heat wave and I've just been exhausted this month, so the unpacking stuff hasn't been happening so much. It's a bit of a rainy day out today though, so I'm off to tackle some of the unpacking in my office/craft room, so I can get some crafting and sewing done soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Craftzilla 


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