Jul 30, 2013

Myer's Briggs Personality Types

Have you ever taken a Myer's Brigg's personality test? This test was originally developed to measure psychological preferences and come to some conclusions about how people see the world, and was based on some of the archetypes outlined by Carl Jung. There are a lot of free versions available on-line that are easy and fun - it's fun to take the test with a friend and discuss some of the differences between your personality types.

Actually, this was something Zen and I did when we first met (over four years ago now, wow!) and it was a good way to get to know a bit more about each other's personality traits, and to see where we could relate well to each other (or in many cases, not )  Of course it's all in fun, but we found that our results were eerily accurate. I'm an INFJ and Zen was a INTJ. This site gives  detailed descriptions of all the different Myers-Briggs personality types and some of their common characteristics and traits and is a fun read.

As an INFJ, the traits that stuck out for me in the list that I feel are pretty spot on are:

Tendency to be a creative type - I think the previous craftiness displayed on the blog confirms this one, and I have always thought my creative side was an important part of my self, be it writing, drawing, knitting, sewing or any other kind of creative avenues I've pursued over the years.

Often make decisions by intuition, and can't always articulate the reasoning behind it  - this drives Zen crazy, he is all about the rational, reasoned decisions and doesn't like the answer "just because" very much. I often have made final decisions on things by feeling or intuition when I just can't decide things by rational means.

Internalizing of stress and getting health issues when sick --check and check....I totally have a tendency to get sick when stressed, or for my repetitive strain in my wrists and hands to flare up when I'm stressed.

Sensitive to conflict and cannot deal with it well - I'm not proud of this but this is often my reality. Getting into conflicts with loved ones, even about little things is very stressful for me, and my tendency is pretty much to cry, especially when tired.

There is always something else they should be doing to improve themselves or the world around them - I am absolutely always looking for the next thing to improve myself or the world. Lately I find myself looking for the next degree I could take to make my skills in social work and engagement better, as well as the next volunteer position that could help me improve. I have to remind myself that I still haven't finished my Social Work degree yet and that I need to focus on that right now.

So what do you think of these types of quizzes? Do you think there is some truth in the Myers Briggs tests or are they all in fun? I'd love to hear what results you got and what traits you feel were accurate in the comments! Or, if you have done your own post on Myers Briggs tests or any other similar kinds of quizzes, leave me the link.

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