Jun 9, 2013

This and That: Birthday Weekend

Not only was it Jesse dog's birthday this weekend, it was also mine! Lot of fun things this weekend, including:

- Got a tasty cake from coworkers at work -- I got the G in Gillian, because I'm that special
- Seeing a play with the boy at the Guelph Little Theatre - Calendar Girls was a fun play, and my lovely friend Angela was awesome in it! Check out this Calendar Girls promo video for a bit of a taste.
- Had a delicious birthday dinner at a place called Portuguese Mario's. Chicken, tasty salads, custard tarts for dessert - it was heaven. Now I just need to convince Zen that just because this place does a roast pig, that we don't need to get one. Pray for me.
- Worked on purging things for the move - the bags of donations to Value Village are becoming towering but things are getting a bit more organized.
- Watched more of Kingdom with Stephen Fry - such a quirky comedy/drama, and Stephen Fry is hilarious in it. Check it out if you have Netflix.
- Got my haircut! It's so short, curly and lovely for summer.
- A friend posted this lovely article - I wish you enough.
- I'm considering using Frogbox boxes for the move - has anyone ever used a service like this? I'm thinking it might make things a bit easier. I like the idea of not having to coerce many friend into helping me drag boxes home, and I'm so pressed for time, but don't really want to buy cardboard boxes either. The reusable wardrobe ones look like a good way to stop all my clothes from spilling onto the street like they did during the last move too.
- Getting so close to the end of the semester I can taste it! These next three weeks are going to be a killer, with finishing up remaining assignments and having a bunch of in class days and presentations. I'm SO looking forward to having two months off school!

Happy weekend everyone - hope you all had a great one :)

♥ Craftzilla


  1. OooooOOOooh! Happy Birthday Gilli-bean!! Glad you had a fun weekend... and hope all this crazy packing chaos is over with soon!
    needle and nest

    1. Thankee Mel! me too, I definitely needed a bit of a fun weekend! Luckily the packing will be over soon, it is just a test of how much sleep I get in the next few weeks!

  2. Aw happy birthday :) that cake looks delish, lucky lady! xx

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