Jun 6, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to Jesse dog!

There is no one who brings me more happiness than my Jesse dog. He is a shining ball of puppy light and snuggles, who faithfully follows me around everywhere and loves me unconditionally.

Happy puppy birthday (6 years young!) to my special puppy friend!

Here's one of him as a tiny puppy --he's about 3 months old here:

I remember being really freaked out to have a dog at first, as my family had never had pets other than birds or fish, and getting used to having an alive thing running around who likes to be literally under your feet definitely took a bit of getting used to.

Having a dog has been an awesome experience for me though, despite any hard work or book/furniture Jesse may have eaten when he was a teething puppy.

Best parts of having a dog for me:

Someone is always happy to see you
You will always have a willing companion for walks
Your feet will always be warm in bed
You always have a reason to go home from work on time
Petting pups is super relaxing
All the unconditional love you could ever want!

What could be better?

Happy birthday Jesse Tiberius Dog!

♥ Craftzilla


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