May 10, 2013

Have You Met....everythingok

Have you met my lovely friend Sami, who has an awesome Etsy shop called everythingOK?
If you haven't met her yet, you definitely should! She's just ventured into the world of 'creative unemployment,' and is reaching for her dreams of being employed in a creative field, hopefully in television! This girl doesn't need anymore training to be creative though: she's a photographer, maker of fibre-y things and illustrator. I thought I'd share some of my favourite things from the everythingok Etsy shop with you today, since hey, creative types also like to eat and stuff.

Sami LOVES her some Doctor Who, which shows in things like an adorable Tardis mug cozy above, and here amazing illustrations of the doctors and their companions like this one of the Ninth doctor and Rose  (my desire to re-watch the Ninth Doctor series is growing...)

Her photography and descriptions are amazing- I love this holding hands print

The description she gave is probably also the cutest thing ever and makes me wish for more warm summer days and holding hands walks:

Somewhere in Manhattan (or possibly Brooklyn) holdin' hands down the road. It's much safer to walk down the street holding someone's hand, and in some cases, it makes your heart do backflips.

The colours in this photo, "a crack in the universe" are so amazing! I wonder where this crack leads...

The below picture is actually from the art show she had where I met her in person and we chatted about the evils of university professors telling students not to take notes over downloading Powerpoints later.

Make sure you visit Sami over on Twitter, on her website or on her blog too for more photos, nerdery and some really thoughtful posts. 

♥ Craftzilla 


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