May 13, 2013

A Memorable Mother's Day


This year, we really tried to have a memorable Mother's Day for my mom, since the loss her mom (aka my grandma) was so new. We thought of me going home to surprise her, but let's face it, I've been home a lot lately! So my sister and I hatched the plan of my sister Sarah driving my mom up to visit me in Guelph, since she's never been to visit me here yet. So Mom and Sarah hopped in the car on Saturday night, and arrived just in time to eat some delicious buttertarts, drink tea and sample some turducken from our earlier guest that day (more on that later) before heading to their hotel to sleep.



They showed up bright and early on Mother's day morning, where I had tasty pancakes waiting for them to fuel our day of shopping at the new Target and Len's Mill for fabric. After shopping was accomplished, we picked Zen up and headed to high tea at the Boathouse.  We gave each us fancy tea names like Penelope, Pritchard and Condalezza and sipped our tea with outstretched pinkies and exaggerated English accents while we discussed hilarious topics. Overall, it was a day to remember and possibly the start of a new yearly tradition!



Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms out there!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Aw what a lovely mothers day! Love the English tea idea and definitely sounds like a great new tradition! xx

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    1. Thanks! My momma had a good time and it was definitely a fun getaway for her. I hope it does become a tradition!


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