Nov 1, 2012

Day 01 - A Place I'd like to Travel

I'm linking up this month with the lovely So Fawned, for a yearly series she has done called 30 Days Hath November that features a fun prompt each day.  I figured it was a good chance to share a few things about myself that you may not know, as well as give me a set topic to blog about while this month continues to be crazy and busy.

So today's topic --A place I'd love to travel one day would be Ireland. I've heard the countryside is amazing,  and I believe some members of my grandfather's family still live there. My mom actually lived in Ireland a few different times when she was a kid and I'd love to see some of the places she would have seen then. Now I'm all interested in researching Ireland and possibly planning a trip one day...

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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