Aug 16, 2012

What Makes a Home

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to make a home, and how I can bring some more feeling of home to this apartment we're living in currently. I've been moving less and less as I get older, although still more than most people. And every time you move, after the inevitable recovery period from moving boxes and such, there's that whole process of trying to make the new space you're living in a place that you want to come home to, and that you feel comfortable spending time in.

This has been a slow undertaking for this place it seems, perhaps just because we still need to get rid of lots of excess stuff and find some furniture that fits our needs better. (So thankful that we've finally ordered a second desk that's en route--not having a workspace is killing me!) But lately I've been thinking about what makes a house a home for me, and mostly that amounts to having things around me that are useful and beautiful and reflect "me" as well as taking some time to cook and bake and enjoy doing homebody things in my space. So I figured I'd share a bit of my progress on this so far--let me know what you think!

I baked a super easy graham crust cherry pie last night, using this recipe for the graham crust and a can of cherry pie filling.


I put up some of my stretched fabric embroidery hoops over our bed (if you'll recall, the hoops previously hung in my kitchen) which make falling asleep that much fancier:


I also hung up a few other pictures all over the apartment, and my little bit of garden is flourishing.






It's definitely starting to feel a bit more homey around here, and I have tons more I'd like to do before school starts up again to make this place a cozy retreat after a long day. But I'm glad to have given this place a bit of the love it needs to make it feel like a real home!

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