Aug 15, 2012

DIY Love: Rag Rugs

As we continue to get our apartment set up , I've been looking around for some fun DIY's to make our little house a bit cozier and personalized. Now that we have hardwood floors again, I've fixated on making some cute rag rugsfor each side of our bed to keep our toes warm when winter comes. This may also be related to my current re-reading of the Anne of Green Gable series, where they constantly seem to mention rag rugs and cozy winters by a fireplace, but who's to say?  Here are a few options I'm thinking of trying, once I gather together some pretty rags /fabrics to make my rugs out of.

Crocheted Rug

I can do basic crochet, which would seem to suggest that I could probably make this crocheted rag rug, although I'm guessing that it would be a bit of a pain to hold once it got to a certain size. I do really like the way this kind of rug looks though.

Braided Rugs

I also really like how this braided rag rug looks, aside from the fact that sewing the whole thing together might take a bit more time than I'm wanting to invest, 

I also like this rectangular braided rag rug, although I don't think the construction of it makes it very sturdy. If I could figure out another way to construct it that was easy and didn't involve glue, I might consider making a rug this way.

Friendship Bracelet Style Chevron Rug

Given that I'm skilled in the art of friendship bracelet making, this friendship bracelet style chevron rag rug seems right up my alley. I love the chevron too, as well as the rectangular shape, which might work better for beside my bed than a round rug. 

Phew! Now all I have to do is get some rags together, pick a style and get making!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. Those are some of the most awesome rag rugs ever! I have the chevron rug on my pin board of things to make...some day.

    My mom used to make the crocheted rag baskets when she first taught me to crochet. It's basically the same idea for the rag rug. It does get a bit heavy to hold, but they can be fun to make. Just be careful of your fabric choice & make sure it's not one that is a little stiff. It can make it really hard on your hands (I speak from experience).

    1. Yeah I really need to make some of these....I love them so and have lots of extra fabric to use up!

      Actually I used to make rag baskets when I was much younger too, but the way we did it was it wrap rope (the cheap yellow kind) in the rags and then sew it together in the basket shape, which was a bit easier. And ya, always cotton! I can't imagine how hard that would be with stiffer fabric.


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