Jun 10, 2012

Birthday weekend fun!

I had a lovely birthday weekend with my sister up to visit -- we mostly just got to hang out a lot, which was a nice change from the pace of everything lately.

We took some cute photos of ourselves and Jesse dog:

I got Sarah to recreate a picture that our mom took of herself in her teens....now they both have one! I need to grow my hair longer, clearly!

My sister brought me awesome gifts such as a robot watch necklace, an adorable Gryffyndor shirt from her trip to Australia, and some preserves and sewing books from my Mom and Dad. 

One of the gifts I got from the boy's sister--so bacon-y! 

Instead of tea, we ended up eating a lot of crepes and were stuffed, like this tasty Nutella and banana one

We also went and got fancy matching french pedicures, and watched some movies--the new Muppet Movie as well as this random one, The Joneses, solely because we went to highschool with the guy who played the son and thought it would be amusing to watch it.

Apparently Jesse and I are both pensive in this photo...I think hot is more the correct adjective. More air conditioning please!
All in all, a fun weekend--now back to the massive to do list!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Happy b-day! It looks like such good quality time which make for the best b-days! And crepes, yum! You should come to France and eat them with me all the time!

    1. Don't tempt me! I'll be stowing away in someone's luggage on the next flight to France! Yum, crepes! We're actually considering buying a crepe pan for more crepe making and eating!


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