May 8, 2012

My first GIF!

I have a lot of fun photos to share here in the next little while from a few walks, going to the Sculpture Park at the university with the Brownies, and some fun test shots from a photo shoot I'm doing in a few weeks, (and I even found a bunch from our Niagara Falls trip that I forgot to post!) but the sheer volume of photos and my giant to do list has meant that the editing is taking awhile.

So to tide you over, I took a few of these recent photos where I was playing with the "take a lot of pictures at once" function on my camera to get some cute photos of Jesse playing ball at the park.  I used Gickr to make this adorable gif!

Isn't he the cutest , most ball obsessed dog ever?


  1. Aren't animated GIFs the best? I recently learned how to make them using Gimp (OMG super easy) & have become hooked! Of course mine isn't as adorable as your sweet Jesse.

    1. Yeah I think I'll have to make a few more! This was super easy and I am sort of a fan of Gifs now :P


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