Apr 29, 2012

Things I Made and Saw: Visits and Food

Yesterday our awesome friend Kim came up to visit us from Toronto! It was a fabulous day of cooking, talking, eating, cuddling puppies and watching awesome things like 30 Rock (which we all quote liberally from at the best of times) The food was fabulous and occupied a bunch of the day preparing and eating it-- my favourite things!



For brunch we had: Waffles with hollandaise sauce, maple bacon and poached eggs with steamed fiddleheads on the side. Oh, and most importantly, mimosas!

It was lovely to sit around and eat tasty things, watch the live episode of 30 Rock and just relax and chat. Kim used to be my neighbour back when I lived in Toronto, and I've definitely missed our weekly Saturday morning dog walks and coffee dates at the off leash park in Toronto.  (You can actually see a picture of Jesse and Marlowe, Kim's dog in the background of this picture of Kim --those pups are the best of buddies)


I also appreciate her support for my blog and crafts --she enjoyed my robot art from the other day so much that she got me to whip her up one of her own to take home with her. Her idea to frame them in a shadowbox frame is just right I think!

Zen looks a little bit like he might stab me with a fork in this picture - probably only if I tried to take his bacon.


Dinner was so good that I didn't even get pictures of most of it, but was fried chicken, potato salad, romaine salad with cut up strawberries and balsamic dressing, and finished up with this banana, chocolate chip and peanut butter cake I came up with awhile back. I'm still perfecting the recipe, but it turned out pretty darn tasty!


Oh, and because I keep forgetting to post this photo --I love this time of year when the tulips are in bloom!


Happy weekend everyone --I'm off to enjoy the last of the sunshine!

♥ Craftzilla


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