Apr 30, 2012

April Sponsor Catch Up : Medium Sponsors

Just a quick thanks to all my April sponsors- please give some of them a visit and support their awesome blogs and shops! Below I've shared some of my favourite posts or shop items from each one this month!

Chrissy is an awesome and crafty lady currently living in Germany and blogging over at Whimsical Poppysmic.I loved the honesty of her recent post about difficulties with her daughter's schooling as well as her dedication so far to her Project 52 photo project. She also makes the most adorable embroideries and cell phone cases (amongst other things) in her Etsy shop.

Jessica blogs over at Jessica Chronicled, and is celebrating her recent graduation from university (congratulations again!) I love this post with some fun graduation photos, the hilarious outcomes of college brain and fun fashion features like 5 ways to wear a lace vest. Also, she has one of the cutest doggies ever!

Amanda blogs over at Dragonflight Dreams, where she shares hilarious things like this post on how she is really a kid at heart, outfit posts and  tasty recipes like this one for fruit tartlets and these sweet and savory breakfast pastries. She also has an awesome Etsy shop with screenprinted clothing and bags. I love this tank top in particular!

Sew Beastly is an awesome bag shop run by Citlalli, who also blogs over at the Sew Beastly blog. Her awesome clutches, coin purses and wristlets are made by her with a sustainable and re-purposed focus when it comes to materials (and they're so darn pretty too!) I was excited to learn on her blog that she's lately been selected to make celebrity gifts for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards - how great! No wonder, since she has been so productive lately!

PS, if you're interested in sponsoring my blog for May, please check out my sponsor page!


  1. Aw, you are just the sweetest! Thank you so much! Hugs xxx

    1. Same to you lady! Thanks for being so great & inspiring:)

  2. Replies
    1. No worries lady ! Congrats again on graduating!


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