Mar 5, 2012

Niagara Falls Trip

I have to admit, things have still been crazy, and today was the first time I even looked at any of my pictures from our Niagara Falls trip, but I am pleased that at least some of them turned out well! Likely it'll take a few posts to share them with you (especially once I get some of the photos from the boy)  so enjoy!

Walking in from the bus station--yay falls! Unfortunately a lot of my photos were overexposed, since it was a really bright day.




This building near the falls was pretty darn neat! I can picture a few art pieces in my future made using this sort of technique on a smaller scale



The Maid of the Mist is parked down there :P


We had a lot of time to kill before we could check into our hotel, so we wandered over to Clifton Hill, the super touristy part of town.


Boy ate an octostacker at this Burger was pretty epic and the staff were pretty grossed out at his towering stack of burgers.


After that, we did lots of touristy things! We hit up the Movieland Wax Museum




We tired to get an ET picture, but Z. reaching his finger towards ET set off a VERY loud alarm. Whoops!


We sorta wanted to play Dino golf, but outdoor golf in the winter wouldn't have been as good. But the dinos were pretty darn awesome:)



Not a dino:


Later on, we had a fancy dinner at our hotel overlooking the falls, and headed back down for more walking and to play us some  glow in the dark mini putt! I got my butt kicked and apparently my freckles glow in the dark too :P



We also went on this scary Ferris wheel (I clutched Z's hand and was very sweaty and nervous the whole ride--heights are not really my thing, though I like roller coasters) --look how high up we were:


Stay tuned for more pics of our adventures later this week! And hey, going on this trip also knocked a few goals off of my 30 before 30 list --in this post, #21.  "Go on a weekend getaway somewhere" is now complete! 

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. Where was that glow-in-the-dark mini golf? My family lives up near there and we always like to do cool stuff when we get together for reunions. Do you remember the address? I'd love to go there, it looks awesome!

    1. Cool! Yeah it was super fun! What's not to love about glow in the dark anything, really! Here's the link of where it is--hope you can get out there and try it out!

  2. Your so lucky you got to go see Niagra Falls! I have been dying to travel and explore, anywhere really! So thanks for letting me live vicariously through your photos haha. The dinosaur is pretty cool too. We used to have a huge statue like that on the side of a freeway where I live, expect like 10 years back they just picked it up with a crane or something and moved it away, yes I was sad lol.


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