Mar 9, 2012

Friday Fancies: March Madness Edition

Happy March everyone! If I haven't said it yet, I'm excited for this new month! February was such a drag, and I'm hoping that March will bring with it lots of awesome stuff!

This shoe DIY is really knocking my socks off ! (har har)

This is a great post on staying focused when working at home...I've definitely been struggling with this lately

Maybe I should be making my resumes look THIS awesome?

Amazing slideshow of strong and courageous women

A great post on managing conflict in relationships

This is my favourite of this series....I am ALWAYS quoting this, likely in inappropriate places

This list is also a great reminder of things we should do to make sure our relationships with others are the best that they can be

I didn't know I needed these until now--Shakespeare meets fantasy?

This skirt DIY makes me long for summer to hurry up and get here

This studio tour is awesome! I would love to make all the crafts in here

I'm usually all about chocolate anything, but I really want to make and eat this

This is the ultimate in blankets for sure

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Looks like I may be stuck doing some work, but hopefully will get some fun sewing and movie watching in there somewhere!

♥ Craftzilla


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