Feb 27, 2012

29 Leaps: Comment Love


I thought for something fun to do for the 29 Leaps project (see my post about it here) that I'd share the comment love to 29 of my fellow bloggers. I'm usually more of a reader of blogs than a commenter, unless I really force myself, although I know how inspiring it is for me to get comments on my posts. So I've made some comments on all of these blogs in the few weeks (this took longer than I thought it would for sure)  to help share the love! If you're inspired to do the same, please let me know in the comments!

Tea Pots and Chatter

Searching for Serendipity 

To Make Love Stay 

The Simple Boxcar

A Blog about the Little Things

Too Crewel

Living Apockylypse

The Student Knitter

Lord knows I love to Dance

Newfoundlander at Heart

Skates and Stitches

Of Woods and Words

Dainty Daisies 

Whimsical Poppysmic

Bookhou at Home

Scientific Culture

Make Something

365 Lucky Days

April Boyd Counselling

Bossy Femme

Triing to Be Athletic


Hey Zombot

Rouge and Whimsy

Revolutionize Her

Mama Marchand's Nest

Polkadot Pretties

Dot in the City

Earl Leigh Designs

I won't lie, it was a bit difficult commenting on 29 different blogs, and I even took the last few weeks to do it. But I know I appreciate the comment love, and I hope others did as well:) I'll also be sharing my adventures from our mini vacation this week, so stay tuned!

♥ Craftzilla 


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