Jan 19, 2012

A Thought for Thursday: Life Doesn't Come with An Instruction Manual

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Unfortunately, as this quote points out, life doesn't come with an instruction manual. I'm not sure if anything would really be easier or better if it did, since we'd inevitably feel constrained by having to follow a manual, as well as miss out on all those things in life that wouldn't have happened unless we got something wrong, but sometimes it would be nice. Sometimes I really wish there was an FAQ for me to turn to in times when I'm totally stuck and am not sure what to do or how to make things better than they are at the moment. I have a suspicion that things will end up working out in terms of jobs and everything else going on, as long as I keep trucking and don't give up, but I'm feeling pretty low a lot lately, and I know I've been slacking on some of my happy outlets like blogging and hanging out with friends, since I don't really want to bore you all with all the negative thoughts swirling about in my head.

I think I'm also feeling a bit low because I'm having trouble structuring my days so that I get everything done that I have to do, and this is making me feel even worse. So, my thoughts for this week are that I need more structure in my day to day, while I'm in this period of transition and to make myself feel a bit more accomplished with what I've gotten done in a day.

Given this, I'm setting some goals for myself for next week to help shake myself out of this funk.

Goals for next week:

1) Keep and use detailed To do Lists and time blocking - there's nothing like crossing another item off a list to make you feel like you accomplished something, as well as to categorize and prioritize everything that needs to get done. I've also found that blocking out things to do in specific time periods is very useful for me in terms of my productivity; I just fell out of the habit of doing it lately.
2) Wake up  at the same time every day--sleeping in is nice, but not my friend when it comes to getting things done.
3) Continue with  21 Day Yoga Challenge- exercise is good for the soul!
4) Tackle at least one area for cleaning every day - the apartment mess is keeping me down, and I was making some good progress on de-cluttering and getting rid of things.
5) Go to the studio at least 4 times- I haven't been feeling much like getting out and going anywhere, but I should get myself to the studio to get work done, and get some quiet and calm.
6) Relax a bit. I can't worry all the time, and if I do, I'll get less done and be even more cranky. Seeing friends and watching a show with the boy or walking the pooch is definitely happy-making.

There! I feel more organized and better prepared to meet the challenges facing me, even without an instruction manual!  If any of you have ever been in a similar funk and have any suggestions for me, I'd definitely love to hear them!

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  1. I love setting weekly goals. I do that for myself. And then check them off as I go. Nothing feels better than marking something off your list. I too wish life came with an instruction manual. I'm dealing with some things right now that are out of my realm of knowledge, and just wish someone would tell me what to do! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Yeah I think it will be a good thing for me to do....I need that satisfaction of checking things off the list right now!

      And yeah, being out of one's element is tough--glad to know others have similar struggles, and I guess all we can really do is press on and try to figure things out as best we can.


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