Jan 8, 2012

Things I made and Saw: Crafting and Organizing

Hi friends, hope you all have a great week! Mine had some ups and downs of course, but I took a bit of time to do some crafting, hang out with some friends, drink a lot of tea (and in some cases, wine) and seemed to have shaken a little bit of the blues out of me. Here are a few snippets from my week, largely of a crafty related nature (with a bit of cleaning thrown in)

I caught a bit of the embroidery bug before Christmas and made a few of these, which are embroidered pieces of a vintage sheet in a embroidery hoop, that are stitched with some of my brightest colours of embroidery floss.


I'll be making some updates to the Etsy shop this week, so expect to see these there!

I've also been working on some Valentine's Day crafts for the shop... I just finished the final touches and they turned out great. Here's a sneak peek--can you guess what I'm making?


I've also been working on organizing my craft bookshelf--before picture


After picture--it's hard to see, but the biggest change (and most time-consuming)  was sorting out a lot of my beads into my found drawer organizer. Probably it needs a bit more work, but I'm pleased for now.



Now there's just the rest of my place to organize, and I think I need to do a serious declutter and tidy of my studio, which currently looks like a bomb hit it!

Also, if anyone has any crafty storage ideas, I'd love to hear them! I'm always struggling with that kind of thing, and largely have things in tote bags and bins everywhere, and it's totally getting out of control.

How do you manage your crafty clutter?

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. What a productive lady you have been! My craft room is in a state of disaster and the only way it will get better is if I consolidate! Good luck with the rest of your cleaning and I love the embroidered sheet hoops!

    1. Thanks lady! However that's only one of the places where there are crafting things hehe:) My Studio is an epic disaster area!

      Thanks--I love them too, I think they turned out really pretty:)

  2. Your craft bookshelf looks great. I don't have a craft room so everything lives in my bedroom closet.

    1. Thanks! It feels a little more like everything won't fall on my head now:) All the rest of the craft stuff is in our storage closet, dubbed by our friend as "The Hoarder's closet"

  3. I just reorganized my whole craft area also. I went about it with the mindset of what makes sense and is easy to get to. I am hoping to take pictures and post a blog about it soon. Great job on your shelf. Since you asked for tips I would suggest maybe a 3 or 4 foot tall plastic drawer for the side and you can do away with all the containers, to clear space to stack fabric or maybe your craft books, just an idea hope it makes sense.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion--not sure if one of those would fit in that space though! The bottom 2 shelves are also taken up by my boyfriend's tools and computer bits, so if ever I find somewhere else to put those, it would help too:)

      Fabric-wise, I actually keep all of that at my studio rather than at home, so luckily I can just leave it all there and not have to see teetering stacks of it every day:)

  4. Your crafting and creative supplies are SO much more organised than mine are!

    1. I'm trying to be a bit more organized! It's hard to be creative when you can't reach any of your crafty stuff! I miss my old apartment, where my roommate and I had a literal craft closet. It was awesome:)


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