Jan 6, 2012

Friday Fancies: Random Edition

Hello bloggy friends! Thanks for your lovely comments on yesterday's post. I'm feeling a bit better about things today, and am working on a few ideas and plans, and trying to give myself some leeway to relax and struggle a little bit. That's life right? However, without further ado, some lovely links to brighten your day!

Fun DIY Constellation art would be great for any room! Was talking with a friend about how you could even personalize this for different astrological signs 

Let's face it, I love robot anything, and this is no exception

I really want to try this and take some fancy photos 

Love this amusing video on unitard style 

I made these muffins this week, and wanted to make them spicy, so added a quarter cup of red pepper spice. Note: That was too much spice.

So many lovely free fonts...might need to try out a few of these!

Does anyone else have the problem of hearing this song and playing along on Guitar Hero?

Awesomely inspiring post on thoughts of creative people on how to keep finding creative inspiration

♥ Craftzilla


  1. that is SO cool,
    I'm considering to put up more wall art so yaaay



  2. Glad you're feeling a little bit better today! I love that font repository: Parisian looks incredible!!

  3. @Mermith Mae Thanks Jordy! Just gotta take things as they come, and I'm sure I'll find the happy again:) I know right? *font swoon*


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