Jan 16, 2012

Organizing Projects Inpsiration

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I've been working on some other organizing projects. So far, the only one I've shared was my reorganized crafty bookcase, but I've got a few other projects underway that I am currently gathering up some ideas to get me more organized. My thought is basically that if something is in total disarray, that the current system for organizing the stuff probably has a flaw to it. So as usual, I headed off to my Pinterest to collect some needed ideas!

Something like this is totally needed in our hallway --things are always piled up on top of things, and I'm not sure why I have like 4 different ceramic dishes for change right now

I love the idea of jar storage like this --my dad actually used to have storage like this in our old garage, but with Players tobacco tins instead of jars (clearly this was a throwback from the 80s)

Source: bhg.com via Gillian on Pinterest

Something like this for extra spices that don't currently fit on our spice shelf would work really well

Kate also did a similar post of late which also had some great ideas in it like this sheet storage idea --I'm totally going to organize my sheets inside a pillowcase from now on to stop the avalanche every time I try to change the sheets on the bed.

Organizing and de-cluttering links I've been looking at today:

11 Myths of decluttering - The Happiness Project
Fly Lady
Organizing Made Fun
18 5 Minute Decluttering Tips to Conquer your Mess

Off to the organizing trenches with me! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. i keep my sheets in a pillowcase - saves them all falling on me AND saves hours searching for matching sets ;)

    1. Yeah, I think that tip is going to save me a lot of trouble for sure!!! The falling on me and searching for matches is pretty much an ongoing thing!

  2. Oh my a simple idea and yet it had eluded me for many many years. So, from now on my sheets will go into the pillowcase. Love it!

    1. I know right! Me too! Clearly my closet will be full of organization now!

  3. Good luck with the organization! I love seeing how other people keep their closets and one day maybe I'll be motivated to take after them!

    1. Thanks Kate! Me too, that was defintely my thoughts in writing this post....it's always comforting to knwo that other people struggle with similar things!


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