Jan 27, 2012

Friday Fancies: Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Well I guess we got a lot of snow here last night, since the buses were not running for some of this morning, and it's pretty slippery and such outside. I'm off today for a meetup, and will hopefully get to snap some fancy snow pictures (why do trees always look so much cooler with snow on them? ) and hopefully get to take Jesse out for a dog walk later in the park, because I just can't get enough of watching him roll around doing dog snow angels in the new snow.

Nails inspired by literature? Yes please! Holy awesome Tin Tin nails!

This post from Chantilly from My Girl Thursday makes me need to watch more Arrested Development! Luckily we've just restarted watching the whole thing again to make a friend watch it !

I'm hoping to go and check out some of the events going on for Fourth Fridays here tonight. Do any of you have a similar thing in your city? I love things like this that promote creativity and the arts! I will definitely be on the hunt for the miniature ice robots around downtown!

I think I want to join in on the monthly photo challenge here for February

This is happening next to my apartment...I'm glad most of the demolition is finally over. Living room shaking = lame

I very much want my pins to live on this adorable pincushion.! I'm really loving all things felt lately

This giveaway is pretty darn amazing! Winning a lovely fair trade goods shopping spree would make this girl pretty happy

Adorable crocheted edge valentines...the need to make more things with hearts on them is rising.

Happy Friday everyone!

♥ Craftzilla


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