Dec 7, 2011

Things I Made and Saw: A Few Snippets

I totally didn't get arond to doing this post on Sunday since I'm still finishing up craziness for school. Thought I'd take a little break today and share a few fun things.

I made some fun fabric labels on Spoonflower last week - I hope that they print up nicely!

Frame label

This fabric was on my hall table for a long time -thinking to maybe make something fancy out of it soon!


We went to a bake sale last weekend and got this box of goodies. Pretty tasty looking, right?


Zen had to sanitize his hands and wear gloves...the old ladies apparently followed him around and glared at him. I told him they were probably a bit scared of him, since he's like 6"3 and was the only man here. Apparently that kind of thing had not occurred to him? I can see how I might be wary if I was an old lady working a bake sale with money around in a downtown that's sometimes pretty sketchy.


Some fun and strange thrifted finds of late:





♥ Craftzilla


  1. That yellow fabric is lovely! *swoon*

  2. @Earl-Leigh Thanks lady! I know, gotta think of something to make with it so I can look at it everyday I think:)

  3. As Earl-Leigh said: that yellow fabric IS lovely!! That box of pastries and cakes isn't too bad either! Yum.

  4. @MermithMae I won't lie, we made short work of the tasty box of desserts! Was a good bake sale! And I probably would live amongst a stack of pretty fabrics if I could:)


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