Dec 31, 2011

Making a Living and Resolutions for the Coming Year

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These words are ringing true to me this week. The whole point of me going back to school was to be able to work in a field that I'm interested in (social work) but the reality of student life at this point in my life is largely that I am having to work every day at other kinds of jobs that aren't necessarily what I want to do. And that these jobs are by their nature temporary, have variable and weird hours and are just generally unstable or short-term. I had a seasonal contract that I thought would be extended which wasn't,  and I've been a bit down over the last few days when I try and think about how exactly I can find another job really quickly, and how I'm going to make ends meet in the meantime. I have another part-time job for January and a bit of February at least, but I'm not sure that it will really be enough.  Throw in a few conflicts with people in my life, and some post-holiday blues and I'm altogether an unhappy camper of late, and I'm looking to the  new year to bring with it some new opportunities in life,  jobs, and in my relationships with friends and other people in my life.

So in thinking of this, the usual thoughts of New Year's resolutions come to mind. I think largely I'm going to focus on finishing as many of my 30 before 30 goals as I can, as well as to focus on a theme for the year which encompasses all the individual things which I would resolute, which for me will be Balance.

I have had such trouble this past year in balancing work and play, yoga, puppy walks, studies and work and crafty endeavours lately, as well as my moods, that I think that a focus on balance will be really helpful for me in the coming year. I'm sure I'll have to think a bit more on the specifics of how I'll bring more balance to my day to day life and what things will need to change in order to accommodate more balance in my life, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Have you made any resolutions for this coming year?

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  1. Gee, really sorry to hear about all those things going awry! That's a LOT to deal with, and you should be proud that you haven't had a melt-down and shaved your head or somesuch! Balance is a GREAT goal to focus on!! Make sure you always vent here on your blog as we're all here to listen!

  2. I completely relate to how you are feeling. Having to work at an unfulfilling job while persuing your bliss can be blues inducing at times. As a fellow crafter who is still trying to find her professional bliss, I wish you nothing but peace, prosperity and balance in the new year.

  3. @Mermith Mae Thankee! yeah I've been feeling a bit melt-downy of late, but trying to be positive and do constructive things, like apply for lots of jobs for now:) Thanks the the listening ear as always!

  4. @Sandi B Thanks so much for your lovely words Sandi! I hear ya for sure! I'm working on finding my crafting place as well, but there's only so many giant goals I can pursue at one time:) Hopefully this will be the year for both of us where all the pieces fall into place:)


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