Dec 1, 2011

Fun and Free Finds: Tray Table

I dont' think I shared this with you, but I had an awesome night of "finding" free things a few weeks back! The hair salon downstairs was moving across the street, so I snagged a bunch of those plastic organizers with tiny drawers that are so great for craft stuff, and are always so expensive (which may figure into some crafty organizing in my future) as well as a new curtain rod, a lamp that may or may not work, and a few other little things. Later that night, I also snagged this fun tray table!


We've been using it constantly, since we hadn't been able to find a table small enough to fit next to the couch, and this is ideal, since it's collapsible if we need it to be.

I can't say I'm wild about the green leaf pattern, so I may give this a makeover at some point, but still, pretty neat right?


I also explored a new to me thrift store last week, so there will be some fun finds to share from that haul soon as well:)

♥ Craftzilla


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