Dec 2, 2011

Friday Fancies : Extreme Procrastination Edition

Yup, I've been busy with final papers for the semester this week, but everyone needs to procrastinate a bit to get things done, right? Here are some of the pretties that I've clicked around to this week.

Hello 2012

I had to order a few of the calendars from this collection  including the one above which is available here

I finally got a chance to look through these, and they're so lovely

This project is pretty amazing..and sort of amusing in its concept at the same time

I know it's a bit gross, but I sort of still want to eat this 

These videos made me happy and sad all at once

Love this post on being a man who knits (more men should, IMO)

What a fun and easy holiday project!

Awesome and inspiring project--there needs to be more love for all kinds of shapes and sizes

I want to make these or something similar very badly! Might need to get the materials and do so soon!

This was an amazingly fun and practical tutorial..can definitely see this coming in handy in the future

It's neat to learn a bit about this kind of thing

♥ Craftzilla


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