Nov 3, 2011

A Thought for Thursday - Taking Time

I don't know about you, but I have serious issues with getting distracted, with putting off things that I really need to do, like washing some clothes to wear tomorrow, or keeping on top of washing the dishes. I also tend to put off time to do things with people I love or cut the dog's walks a bit short, because taking time for these kinds of things seems daunting in the midst of a busy schedule. However, keeping the house clean, going for a jaunt with the pup and having a bit of a cuddle on the couch or chatting with a friend are really the best parts of my days and my life and are really the ways that I stay grounded and remain focused. The quote above really reminds me that I can't keep going without a break -- it's the little things and the little joys that make us able to do those not so fun things,  to be able to be inspired in our work and in our play, and to really be inspired in everything we do.

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  1. love this! I think I have the same quote 'pinned' on one of my boards! I'm in the same boat - I always feel so busy and rushed and sometimes forget to take the time for the little things. And it's the little things that always make me feel better!

  2. @Manda Jane I agree! Nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea for 5 minutes to feel recharged! Important things to remember!

  3. I LOVE this quote!

    Thanks for linking up. :)


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