Nov 4, 2011

Friday Fancies - Blanket Love & Easy Tutorials

I've been thinking a lot today about how I need more blankets. That warmth is a bit hard to find sometimes. That I never have a big enough linen closet to keep all my stuff. And that I'm still searching for that perfect couch blanket that's big enough for everyone to curl up under, that's big enough for two to have a nap or eat popcorn under. My parents had this sort of thick  fleecy blanket that I think we bought at Giant Tiger, emblazoned with the entire Simpsons family. Oh how I miss thee dear Simpsons blanket--you are the best couch blanket of all! But we also had a knitted blanket that was all squares crocheted together, that my mom made when she and my dad were first married, that was also an amazing couch blanket.

So today, I'll share a few images of fancy blankets I'm enjoying, as well as some tutorials so you can start on a big winter project yourself, if you haven't found your couch blanket yet either.

For the Granny Square blanket above, this tutorial from the Purl Bee is easy to follow- I find visual tutorials are the best.

I love all these blankets as well, similar to the ones in the image above:
And just some more blanket love:

♥ Craftzilla


  1. oooooh. soo pretty.
    I really really want to learn how to knit, when I have the time, that is.

    And it's really nice to find your blog!
    Xo Samantha

  2. @SamanthaJoyKnitting is really fun and relaxing! It's a good thing to learn, when you have some time!

    Nice to meet ya!



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