Nov 11, 2011

Remembrance Day: Lest we forget

Guelph is pretty serious about Remembrance Day, since John McCrae, who wrote the poem in Flanders Fields, was from Guelph. Schools are named after him, his birthplace. McCrae House is now a museum, and the war memorial pays homage to his poem.

The war memorial is even kept vigil over the night before Remembrance Day which I haven't seen anywhere other than here. I snapped a sneaky photo last night while out on my dog walk, since it's something you don't see everyday.


There are some army vehicles out in the downtown as well, which you also don't see everyday


And firefighters hang a Canadian flag over the street



I walked out the the ceremony this morning as well. There's something about singing O Canada in a crowd and hearing bagpipes that make it easier to remember.




If you haven't, remember to take that moment of silence, and remember.


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