Nov 30, 2011

My Lovely November Sponsors Pt 2

As promised, here's Part 2 of my sponsor posts!  Check out Part 1 here, and if you're interested in swapping for December/January, please send me an email or visit my sponsorship page!

Polly from This Enchanted Pixie

I'm Polly. I live in the valleys of North Wales, where you can see the mountains and smell the meadows. I'm 30 years old and have been married to my love for 9 years. We live together with our 3 beautiful daughters. My heart in love with of nature, friends, family and fun.

I'm a full time, home-schooling mama. I'm incredibly blessed to spend my days with my 3 girls.  I'm passing on my love of art, the earth and music to my girls. We spend our days covered in glue and glitter, making the most of every single second of this amazing life.

Miss Lou from Elousions

I'm Miss Lou, thanx for stopping by!

I'm 25, living in Puerto Rico with infused Spanish sangria on my genes (mother's side).
I'm a student of modern languages; parlo italiano, je parle français... of course también se habla español!

eLousions is almost 2 years old, with a new face and totally revamped I'm excited to be here and I'm not leaving! The blog sphere had friends to give me and I keep meeting more, I love being part of this community, sharing info, wisdom, and silly stuff. I love it when you guys share them too!! If you want to know more you can read My Blogging Story.

I usually write post about analog photography I have a decent camera collection, specially my ever growing Polaroid collection. On Friday's I choose something that I share in many forms. Don't miss What I wore, shop updates, everything and anything in between. Saturdays are for my thrifting scores and more

                         Erika from Rouge and Whimsy

                                                      {BLOG} {SHOP} {TWITTER}

I'm twenty-something living in Seattle who fulfills my creative needs with this blog and a little etsy shop where I sell pretty accessories for you and your home.
All the items in rouge & whimsy are made by me with love. My accessories are designed to be perfect for the big events, the little moments and every thing in between.
I support handmade whenever I can and purchase most of my supplies through small businesses found on Etsy and elsewhere. 

Mary from Bonjour Miss Mary 

Tell me a bit about you/your blog/your shop/what makes you awesome

My name is Mary from "Bonjour, Miss Mary."! I am a first year law student on the west coast and new blogger! I started blogging at the beginning of this summer to record my adventures in life including kitchen mishaps and achievements, crafting attempts, and techie reviews! When I am not blogging or studying contracts and torts, I am usually playing with my Scottie/Yorkie mix puppy named Atticus!
I also just launched an Etsy shop featuring soaps, vintage tins, coasters, and note cards! I am in the process of adding more things every month!!!

Rachell from No Mark at All


 My name is Rachell. I live a little south of Seattle and I work a little north of it, full time as a baker/barista for a retirement home. When I'm not working (or traveling the 60 miles in between work and home), I take photos, I blog, and I eat and I play. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, Dan and my daughter of 7 years, Eisling. Our three cats (Sushi, Bang Bang, and Laupha ) take up quite a bit of my time as well.
I keep myself busy. Really busy.  Spare time is sort of a silly phrase for me, because I'm always eager to get more done. I have photos to take, and books to read, and movies to watch, and albums to listen to, and recipes to try and places to go! On top of all that, I take care of my grandmother, I write this blog, and I just started my own small business. 

Kami from Searching for Serendipity 


Tell me a bit about you/your blog/your shop/what makes you awesome

My name is Kami and I'm a tattooed and crafty mommy blogger. In my spare time (what little I have with a newborn!) I can be seen running around my house in dress up clothes, sometimes glue gunning my fingers together, and often hunched over my sewing machine madly creating new stuffies. I live to create, love to thrift, and hope to start my own home based business one day....stop by the blog and follow along on my adventures in parenthood, mothering, crafting, and gardening!

Kimberly from Lush Deez

My name is Kimberly, I'm 21 years young, a dreamer at heart, wishes on 11:11, laughs at random times, loves and hates passionately, hopeless romantic, peace loving socialite

Faith from the Bartering Blogger

The Bartering Blogger is a place where bloggers can connect, link-up and swap anything from ad spots and digital goods and services to handmade items, home accessories, books, DVDs, kids stuff etc.

Other Lovely Sponsors: 

A Stylish Little Lady


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