Oct 24, 2011

Easy DIY Wedding Shower Invitations

I've been going through some older photos on my laptop, trying to get things cleaned off so I can upgrade to Windows 7 and stop cursing Vista every time I try to do anything, and have been coming across a lot of fun photos which contain some things that I've made that I know I haven't shared here on the blog. So expect a few more posts like this in the next while, as I work my way through all these files!

I figured I'd share with you some invitations that I made for the bridal shower that I threw for my sister before she got married. The invites were fun and simple, and turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself (and I do!)



Scrapbooking paper in various patterns
Paper cutter (but you can just use scissors if you can cut in a straight line, unlike myself!)
white paper
black ink pen
needle and green embroidery floss
Glue Stick

The outside of the cards--there are a few different patterns of papers I used that I thought all worked well together





The inside (note that the flowers at the bottom weren't actually there --they're just preventing my email and phone number from being on the internets)


How to:

I cut a piece of patterned and a piece of plain scrapbook paper into three (3) equal pieces lengthways, the patterned paper for the outside of the card, and the plain paper for the inside using my paper cutter.
I threaded my needle with two strands of  embroidery floss, knotted at the end, and sewed the two layers together using a simple straight running stitch.

I cut some circles out of white printer paper ( I traced a spool of thread to get the size right) and wrote the "You're invited..." on each with a black ink pen and glued them on to the front with the glue stick.

I printed out the shower info at a copy shop, and cut them to size and glued them in as well.

And voila, fifty invites later, I was a master of paper cutting and running stitch  and was all set to mail these lovelies off to all of our guests!

♥ Craftzilla


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