Oct 25, 2011

DIY: Meet Zentron the Robot

I don't know if I've properly introduced you all to Zentron, the DIY robot that I made for my boyfriend a few Christmases ago.  Please say hi to him!


I was trying to figure out something fun to make that was easy and used only items from the dollar store, as I was working on a budget for gifts.

What I used:

A no-name Rubix cube
4 plastic and metal oil pourers (for the arms and legs)
A cheap battery powered alarm clock for the head
A mini compass that I took off a carbiner/flashlight combo thing from my old work --but I've also seem them at the dollar store.
Gorilla glue

This was a really easy craft - I literally just glued everything together with the Gorilla glue. You can use any other kind of glue you want, I just found that the pieces didn't stick very well onto the Rubix cube using either super glue or a glue gun.

Easy as that, and you have yourself a lovely robot friend to call your own!

Add buttons
Perhaps a Sombrero or other kind of hat
Maybe he should hold something?
Robot dog?

♥ Craftzilla


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