Oct 3, 2011

Crafty Show and Tell: Finished and Unfinished Projects

I thought  I'd share some of my finished and on the go projects of late on this first day of a looooong week, since I ran out of room in my post yesterday!

Here's a finished work (though made by Zen not by me, since I'm the master of starting to cook things and then somehow getting him to cook them for me) --pastrami, onions, cheese and gravy sandwich --so tasty!


This is supposed to say "Home Sweet Home" but not sure if it's clear enough...and I might add a heart to the left hand side to cover up what's supposed to be a flower.


Case for Circular needles! Hopefully I'll get some more pics with needles in it soon



I found some fun Christmas ornaments I'd cross stitched ages ago and decided to start finishing them



I made some pins, which refused to allow themselves to be photographed clearly..will try again another day. I think they might need something else too that I haven't figured out yet.


I'm also working on a cute fleece backed baby blanket... though finished a few others with the same front (just no fleece backing)


♥ Craftzilla


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