Sep 1, 2011

More of My Parents House Tour: Continuing Craftiness

Continuing on with my tour of the craftiness, of my parent's house (see the tour of my mom's sewing room here), I'm off to the rest of the downstairs to show you some of the other crafty things and pictures around their house. To be honest, I didn't even take pictures of half of them! Next time I visit, I'll likely take a few more, as well as some pictures of the actual rooms.  Anyway, on with the sharing of more crafty things!

This picture owes itself the dubious pleasure of being the first thing I ever bought off E-bay for my mom's birthday one year. I find it really a neat piece of art work.


My grandpa (Poppy) painted this picture that hangs over the bed in the guest room--I love all the colours. I'm also a real sucker for oceans and water.


This one is also in the guest room--it looks so pretty just leaning on the bookcase.


This thing is huge in person-awesome Camelot cross-stitch! This one took Mom a long time to make, but I think it was totally worth it. We are all geeky and love Camelot--we used to listen to the movie soundtrack at Sunday dinners.


I made this for my mom a long time ago, when her kitchen was still pig-themed (she even had glow in the dark pig fabric curtains) and I probably had a love of Charlotte's Web.


I love this idea--these tiny needlepoint pictures are all thrifted. Mom took some drapery interfacing, wrapped in up in fabric, glued all the pictures on with a glue gun and hung it on the wall. I think it looks really pretty, and is most definitely easier than hammering in a bunch of tiny nails perfectly to hand the pictures up in a grouping.


Hope you enjoyed the tours- I didn't even get up to the top floor to get pictures of the 'dollhouse room." I'll have to save that one for another visit!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. WOW I love the pictures you have esepcially the one of the lady sitting and the one with rocks and sea.

  2. These are such pretty pieces! I looooove cross stitching. I am working on a piece right now for a friend's baby's birthday! Although I remember why I only do a few a year... it takes forever! It has pretty much eaten up all my crafting time, hehe. But I simply love that Camelot cross-stitch! That makes me smile :)

  3. @Another Diamond Day Yeah best thing I ever bought on Ebay! Love that piece! And yeah, I really like my Grandpa's pieces too--there are a few others that various family members have which are all oceans and skies and rocks:)

  4. @HazelandMare Cool--I'd love to see your cross stitch you're working on! I love to do the cross stitch with Tv/movie watching --isn't as hard to concentrate on:) I know, I LOVE the Camelot one too; She's crazy for taking on something so huge and crazy, but it looks awesome for sure.


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