Aug 3, 2011

What's Inside my Purse - Messy and Clean Edition

I've seen a few of the what's inside my purse posts, and while I'd like to believe that everyone's purse is super spic and span like in all the photos, I'm guessing that this is a more an excuse to clean out the purse and THEN take pretty pictures of what's inside.

So, I'll show my purse before I clean it out [DISCLAIMER--THIS IS NOT PRETTY] and after, once it is all cleaned out and spandy-nice:)

Here's my purse:


Here is the pile of stuff that came out of my purse. Apparently I use my purse a bit like a filing drawer/junk drawer of random stuff:


Here are some close ups of all the random stuff in my purse --this is a bit like a page from a Where's Waldo book, no?

kleenexes/wrappers, business cards, apple, recipts, pile o' paper, change purse, leather craft cording, cell phone etc.

craft cording, business cards, elastics, heap of paper/bills, toothbrush & toothpaste, glasses, buttons, bus tickets, friendship bracelet/floss, ipod, pens, change

ipod, sunglasses, 2 notebooks, sewing project, wallet, allergy pills, band-aid, pen/marker, keys, charging cables, heap o' change

And after removing all the unnecessary things --here's what's left to go back into the purse:


Looks much cleaner now, right?

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Hey Gillian!

    Hehe, that's so funny that you took before AND after pics, because that's what I always think when I see these purse posts! Like, "wait, how can their purse be that clean? Where are all the crumpled receipts? The random buttons? The straw wrappers that you shoved in your purse because there wasn't a trashcan close by?" So I am therefore super impressed by your honesty! ;) I have to do GIANT purse cleanouts every once in a while because I accumulate so much crazy stuff and then my purse weighs 80 pounds, hehe.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. @HazelandMare

    Yeah I was totally at the point of the purse weighing 80 pounds, so it was definitely time for a clear out! And yeah, seriously--that kind of stuff ALWAYS ends up in your purse and stays there forever! When I lived in Toronto, I always used to clean it out on the subway like a crazy lady:)

    I bet all those ppl claim to have clean houses too, and if I opened a closet, all the things would fall on my head :)


  3. That looks an awful lot like how my purse is at the moment (complete with apple)! Perhaps I should do a little cleaning...

  4. @kateThere you go Kate, must be time for an August purse cleaning out challenge :P


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