Aug 4, 2011

Mailbag Goodies: Sharing the Love

It was a stellar day for mail yesterday at the Craftzilla house. My giveaway winnings from the A is for Ampersand/ Monocled Lop giveaway arrived, mostly unscathed! Have a look at all the lovelies:

vintage owls! I think they need names--suggestions accepted!

Seashell earrings from Little Miss Lovely Vintage
Sweater clip from Cookie Louise Pleaze

Hair clip from Cookie Louise Pleaze

Necklaces from Fox and Owl shop


Some of the cutest things (in my opinion) from Amy's shop, the Monocled Lop!




Plus a fancy card from Amy! I love the Monocled Lop stamp! So cute:)


I also got my free stickers from the Etsy giveaway of sticker books on I had nothing but awesome service from moo--they contacted me at least twice to keep me posted on delays and such, I uploaded my photos from Flickr easily, and they turned out great! What more can I ask for? (aside from non-fuzzy photos of them really :)



Also, Zen got me these cute tokidoki pins yesterday as a wee gift--aren't they (and he) cute? He sure knows my love of unicorns, puppies, t-rexes and anthropomorphic milk! (this video anyone?)


♥ Craftzilla


  1. Wow that is a lot of stuff.
    I wish I had clever names for the owls but an example of my poor naming skills?

    I called my horse, who was a mare, Mare. Yup. Genius, right? LOL!

  2. @Yvonne hahaha super skilled naming:)

    I named my dog Jesse, and my mom made fun of me for giving him a people name..but she owns a dog named Paco now, so I don't know how much her opinion counts :P

    I'm sure the names for the owls will come to me, eventually:)

  3. You should totally name an owl something like Steve! lol... or Bruce.... or George! But I'm partial to Steve the adorably cute Owl and his freiend... something suitably owlish! lol

  4. @Sylvanfire

    Hmm I think Bruce or George may be in the running! As long as no one mocks me for naming owls people names too :P

  5. That is awesome! I love all your goodies! I won a giveaway in May from Frekled Nest and only ended up getting less than half of it in the mail. How odd. As for your owls I like the names "Professor Hoots" and "Little tweet". Those are the names of our two owl pillows and they suit them quite well.

  6. @kate

    Hmm I think I also enjoy taking Owl-like names and appending on some titles:)

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    Lady Owlbottom
    Lord Owlbottom

    Admiral McHoots a lot

    Sir Owlsworth
    Sir Owlsahootsalot
    Mistress Owlsworth

    etc etc :)

    YAY! This made me happy:)


  7. I love Admiral McHoots A lot... and you should have the little one be something like Mistress McHootington LOL

  8. @Sylvanfire WOO yes! This is a fabulous suggestion:) Those names have a cute ring to them for sure:)


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