Aug 29, 2011

Things I made and Saw - Folk Fests, Cross stitch and Chinchillas

It was a super busy week this week as usual--I was pet sitter extraordinaire this week! I took care of a friend's lizards and chinchilla for the first time! I'd never seen a chinchilla before Lucy, and I deem them somewhat of an adorable, sweet bunny-rat-squirrel-koala all in one. Look how adorable:



I also took care of the lovely Poppy the dog again when her mum had gallbladder surgery--she was good if not a bit distressed at times.

And there was rain and so much lightning! Neatest summer storm ever.


And then on Friday, it was time for Ribfest! We ate all the ribs as well as deep-fried cheesecake which was so awesome. It's sort of nice that our office shuts down for Ribfest, I won't lie!

ribs ribs

deep fried cheesecake

On Saturday, I was off to Peterborough for the Folk Festival. I had a lovely ride up with an old friend from elementary school who I hadn't seen in years. It was nice to catch up and reminisce, and we will likely hang out again soon:)

I didn't get a lot of pictures though, as my camera batteries died a slow death, forcing me to buy new ones today (boo to rechargeable batteries dying eventually).


This photo is the lovely Melissa Payne and band:


I thought my beer and phone made a lovely shot:


Fancy program


Random crowd shot


The view from up on the hill


I ate this awesome banana strawberry smoothie with mango juice


My friend Heather and I always take blanket sitting feet pictures at the Folk festival. It's tradition!


And a cute picture of us as we watch the musics


And then we went home by like 7:30, because apparently I am getting to be an old lady :P I had a lovely day though, and ran into the lovely Chantilly of My Girl Thursday and Desiree of So Fawned! Fun to meet people in real life sometimes, rather than just conversing on the internets.

I ended up hanging out with my mom for the rest of the night, watching Water for Elephants (so good!) and working on a sweet cross-stitch bookmark!


I cuddled under this most awesome of thrifted quilts of my mom's too:)


Have I also mentioned how my parent's dog Paco is super adorable?


Mom also showed me an awesome way of making this kind of quilt triangles that I'll share with you all soon.



I got to bring home lots of new fabric again too--yay!


And a lovely gift from Heather that will make my apartment super pretty


Fun framed wedding photos from my sister's wedding last year


Mom's table runner may be a bit more awesome than mine


A gnome arrived at his new home safely


Distracted by Paco again, look how sweet!


After all that, I'm off to bed--I'm exhausted!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Those are the kinds of things I always seem to have photos of... cute animals and food and crafts :)

  2. @Upcountry Vintage I know, me too, so I decided to embrace it and make a whole post every week to use all of the food and puppy and craft photos:)


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