Aug 10, 2011

Photo Challenge - Interior Design

I know I've shown this photo on the blog before, but it's still my favourite part of my apartment, and really the only section that I feel I've designed and made my own in some way. I'm working on the other parts, but the progress seems slow, and some changes don't seem worth it with a rental that we'll likely be leaving in a year or so.

Click this link or the photo to vote for my interior design skills!


Anyone else have a favourite spot in your apartment/house/room you'd like to share? I'd love to see as I'm always looking for inspiration, as decorating (including things like picture hanging--fail at straight pictures, always) is not my strong point in terms of creating a cohesive whole or general feeling in a room.

Any tips, tutorials or favourite sites would also be appreciated!

Here are a few of mine:

Young House Love
Orange Door Cottage
Apartment Therapy
Design Sponge

I also keep track of my favourite home things on Pinterest --here

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  1. I love the embroidery hoop wall! I have been wanting to do this for ages and although I didn't manage to get around to it at our current rental, I will hopefully be all over it at our new place this fall!

  2. @kate

    Thanks Kate! It was really fun and easy to do:) I like staring at all the pretty fabrics --it makes for breakfast happiness! My only sad thing is that I had older hoops so I had to glue the fabric on, so can't change them up easily.


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