Aug 5, 2011

Friday Fancies

Aww I wish I had another puppy--this one could ride on Jesse's back

I need this button to work for realsies today--make it so!

Someone should make me these cookies in honour of Shark week

These earrings make me want to play Pacman, which I am not good at, at all

This video is super nerdy and hilarious, I think I might have to watch it again!

I would like to drink this please --looks so refreshing!

Tardis + papercraft =yes please!

I want to type on this so badly!

I'm ALWAYS mad about this kind of thing, so this is perfect

I'm going to try to take the camera off manual --maybe this will help

♥ Craftzilla


  1. That dog is so, so cute!! Happy weekend!

  2. The puppy is so cute... and I love MRS. PACMAN!! I used to rock at it, but it's been years! ;)

  3. @HazelandMare

    Seriously! Cute dogs are my kryptonite! I just want to put them in my jacket and run off with them!

    Happy weekend to you as well!


  4. @Sylvanfire

    Haha nice! You know what I have that's Ms. Pacman that's hilarious? Book on RECORD story of Ms Pacman's adventures--tis super amusing:)

  5. Thanks so much for the feature on my typewriter! These are all delightful fancies! :)

  6. @tea and chickadees Thank you for having such Fanciful things to include:)


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