Aug 26, 2011

Friday Fancies: Books Edition

This book must be full of sassy knits

I love these downloadable book plates

These printable bookmarks are the cutest ever

Oh wait, maybe these bookmarks would hold my place better --so many decisions!

This little notebook would be great for carrying in my purse and jotting down things to read

Some people should read more--gotta hold it right side up silly!

This cute guy has got it right:)

So many homes for books, so much style! love!

Covered in books! Yes please!

I'd read a book by this guy

I'm off at Ribfest with my work today, eating lots of ribs and then I'm off the Peterborough for the weekend to go to the Folk festival which I'm super excited for:)

In case you find yourself missing me at all, you should check out this fun giveaway on the Cubits blog for a chance to win a set of napkins made by me! Giveaway runs until September 2nd!

Enjoy the weekend!

♥ Craftzilla


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