Jul 24, 2011

Things I Made and saw: Breakfast, Crafts and other Sweet Things

This felt like a whirlwind of a week, with little sleep due to the heat, and a lot of short tempers. I accomplished a lot, but the to do list is growing ever longer. So before I rush off to do some other stuff, I'll leave you with a few scenes from my week!

A few more pics of my new collage from my previous post- I'm quite enamoured with it still! I've still got to find an awesome place in the apartment to put it (plus a way to hang it/some sort of frame)




Jesse is determined to get to the park


We made cookies, and I made them into giant cookies, because that is how I roll. Though we ate two cookies each and felt a little sick after :P


I finished up some fun pouches--they are pretty, yes? I'll take more photos and post them up in the Etsy shop soon:)


Late night walks - I love how my camera picks up the lights


We were trying to get Jesse to sit still next to this bit of sidewalk, in which someone wrote "One Love" in the cement.


We met up with a few friends this morning to have breakfast--yum for pancakes and bacon! Here's the boy looking cute--I got a bit bored during the discussion of role playing games.



Be sure to check back in tomorrow as I'll be posting a photo an hour post that I did yesterday!

♥ Craftzilla


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