Jul 12, 2011

Day 7: Relax! Do you relax to create or create to relax?

While I'd *rather* be relaxing somewhere like this:
...most of us can't run away to a beach every time you need to relax.

So definitely creating things plays a bit part in my relaxation/unwinding process, especially when paired with a nice cup of tea and a sit on the couch. I embrace it, I'm a lady who enjoys the simple things in life:)

My craft of choice while relaxing is usually something fairly undemanding like a simple sock to knit

Or even just some easy jewellry stuff (one day I'll use up all these beads I've acquired, I just know it!)

Sometimes I do sneak off to sew to relax a bit too. The studio is really quiet, and there is something very cathartic and cleansing about sewing a bunch of squares together, or ironing a bunch of things all at once. [In the sewing sense, I very much sew in stages i.e. sew a bunch of seams/squares, iron a bunch of squares, repeat. I hate getting up and down a bunch of times, or even breaking the thread while sewing if I don't have to :P)

♥ Craftzilla


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