Jun 26, 2011

Things I made and Saw - Stitch markers, Thrifting fun and Bears, oh my!

I was feeling in a funky mood earlier, so boy and I decided to hit the grocery store, as well as Value village for some thrifting fun! Here are some of the treasures that made their way home with me!

I've been seeing others using alphabet blocks in fun ways in photos, and I found this whole bag of them -- so of course had to spell out my blog's name :) Possible new blogger header?



This little guy stowed away in the bag with the blocks --sort of looks like a disgruntled Elmer the Safety Elephant, no?


Other treasures --loving the animal coin banks!



They can join my existing bear bank, which a friend of my momma's made for me before I was born
In other funness, as a break from listening to lectures and studying, I watched some TV last night and started working on some new stitch markers (for knitting, if you're not familiar)

Here's one of my bins of jewelry making odds and ends (and handy tools!)
Stitch markers in progress (still gotta bend the metal parts --only got as far as attaching the charms)
Also, I saw a tiger peeking at me. Naughty tiger.


Off to head out to walk my neglected pooch and get some last bits of sunshine/weekend!

♥ Craftzilla


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