May 26, 2009

Adventures in my craft closet

So the greatest part about my new roommate moving in so far has been the motivation to clean out the craft closet, and all the other random craft supplies that have been taking up residence around the apartment, smushed into bags in the storage room, hiding in tote bags in my closet, stuffed under the bed. I went through it all. I organized it. I GOT RID of some stuff that I just know that I'll never use. I even bought a new bookcase that houses the craft supplies and tools so that I ACTUALLY might be able to find what I'm looking for when I want to do something! It's sort of an amazing feeling, and while there might be a little bit more organizing to do, I can at least get started again on some projects that I've let slip by the wayside or simply couldn't find to finish.

Amidst all the projects I found was this baby quilt that I started originally for a friend when she told me she was pregnant, but never finished as she miscarried early on. At the time, I wasn't sure of the sex of the baby, so wanted to do something neutral and fun for a baby, but also keeping to my opinion (not always a shared opinion) that bright colours =better. Plus, bugs and stuff always scream FUN and KIDS and OMG THIS IS MY FAV BLANKIE EVER. There's really minimal work left to finish - I just finished trimming up the border pieces the other day while watching my new obsession Six Feet Under, which is amazing so far. All people can seem to say about this show is 1) it's amazing and 2) you will cry and cry and cry at the last episode, so be prepared. Unfortunately, I hadn't quite re-located all the craft supplies to the living room closet, so actually getting to the point where I could trim up the border pieces involved a mad cap search to locate my self healing cutting mat, which I eventually found stuck in a bag with paintings of horses in nurse's hats I did when I was 4 and which my mom saved for me, for some reason. Exactly where I'd think to look-not.

Quilt thus far:

Fabric for backing:

Jesse tries to help:


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