Jan 15, 2015

January Cure #5- Pick a Project

I'm a bit behind on my January Cure, but I'm still chugging away at the assignments. For assignment #5, Pick a Project, I thought long and hard about which project I can reasonably tackle this month and actually get done. The space I most want to deal with is my craft room, but I know realistically that it's the biggest project on my list and that I'll never get everything organized as I'd like.

See this great big window and awesome view we have out to the park? It's great and I love looking out the window onto the park, but this window is just calling out for some curtains to get hung up! I have the curtains and the rod, but it hasn't translated into the curtains actually getting put up.

The reason I picked this project is that not having these silly curtains up has actually been stopping us from having an event we want to have at our place, a Sunday morning brunch and cartoon-watching party. Although it isn't as bright out in the winter, not having curtains can sort of hinder a marathon of TV-watching!

So, my project for this month will be to get out the the power drill and get these curtains up on the window! It's a little thing, but it will make a big difference to our living room space. Wish me luck!


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